Continuous Blending in Exact, Precise Ratios.

Engineered as a part of Nu-Vu Conair’s TrueWeigh Gravimetric Extrusion Control System, the TrueWeigh Hopper measures the mass flow of material into the extrusion process and sends this loss-in-weight information to the TrueWeigh Controller. The controller then accurately monitors or adjusts the extruder screw and/or haul-off speed to maintain consistent yield control. This enables an operator to run a uniform product within the tightest tolerances at the lowest possible cost.


TrueWeigh can be used to control extruder rate by weight throughput, haul-off speed by length throughput, weight of product per running length, layer percentages by weight for co-extrusion, weight of product by area, average thickness of film, sheet, pipe, tube, wire and cable.


TrueWeigh Gravimetric Extrusion Control Systems are most often used with single screw, flood-fed extruders in mono-layer or co-extrusion applications. The most common applications are blown and cast film, sheet, extrusion coating and laminating, tube, pipe and profile, wire and cable jacketing, inventory control (material reporting).

TrueWeigh EPC Hopper comes loaded with features that include touch screen with PLC based controls, storage capacity of 500 recipes and 250 resins in recipe book, inventory and status reports, USB output to flash drive or printer, high accuracy load cell, high resolution weighing electronics, inspection sight glass, dust seals, etc.