Continuous Blending in Exact, Precise Ratios.

TrueBlend EXT can control the extrusion process, as well as gravimetrically blend material. It can control mono-extrusion line consisting of a homogenous blend of up to twelve ingredients. For co-extrusion lines, the optional TWC layer ratio control system supervises up to twelve extruders feeding a common die.

Control Option

TrueBlend EXT’s throughput and haul-off control options allow to monitor or control extruder throughput, monitor or control haul-off as well as monitor and control line haul-off and extruder throughput to provide yield control. Line control options include weight-per-length, weight-per-area and thickness; all functions of length or weight-per-time.

Yield Control

The TrueBlend EXT yield control option adjusts the extruder screw speed to compensate for material variances and other process variables while monitoring/controlling the haul-off speed – continually delivering precise dimensional stability at minimal tolerances.

TrueBlend EXT’s features include no spills-no leak chassis, 100% visibility in to material bins, no-tools cleaning, paddle mixer, weigh hopper precision load cell, safety-first construction, internal and protected no-stick vertical valves and many more.