No More Mould Sweating.

Mould Space Combo has inbuilt refrigeration based system which removes initial moisture from air by cooling air at constant temperature. Cooled air then passes through a continuously rotating desiccant rotor for removing moisture at dew point level of -3⁰C to -5⁰C.

Eliminates Need of Chiller

Mould Space Combo’s inbuilt Water Cooled Chiller eliminates the need for a separate Chiller thereby saving on cost and space.

Desiccant Rotor

Mould Space Combo uses desiccant rotor based system instead of refrigerant based system to achieve lower dew point in order to prevent condensation on mould.

Proven Component Suppliers

Nu-Vu Conair uses proven components in order to maximize life of the machine and help achieve quality output for its customers.